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Weight loss, Where to start ?


If you think of yourself as a sedentary person, that sport scares you because lack self-confidence, and that diet seems complicated to you, try walking !

Walking is the basic movement of the human body. Man, remember, was a nomadic species. It went miles. We have a body designed for walking, why not enjoy it ?

This physical activity can be a starting point to get out of a sedentary situation and can even make you lose weight !

Walk outside about 10 minutes, 3 times a day after your meals, and do this daily. A lot happens during the walk, both on the physiological and psychological aspect. So walking will regulates some hormones, including cortisol and insulin and will therefore play on your weight !

Challenge yourself to keep this pace over 2 months and even more and appreciate the changes that will happen !

One last thing, do it because it pleases you and not because you have to.

Source : Vérisme TV, H4H, Pierre Dufraisse

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