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Good morning all !
My name is Matthieu, I am 24 years old and you will find below a presentation of my background and my personality. Because for me the relationship between the coach and his athlete is just as important in achieving goals as training, recovery or food. This relationship will play on the motivation factor! And without motivation, the 3 previous factors will not be respected….

I'm not necessarily going to innovate with what I'm going to tell you, but I've always been in sports. I went through the practice of several activities such as judo, football, basketball or even tennis. It was only at the age of 19 that I started to have a more autonomous practice with “homemade” reinforcement. This period was the discovery of different training, different methods and different materials, which were the start of my experience. It was not until the age of 21 that physical training went from a simple practice to a deep desire to educate, support and motivate those who need it.

I then trained in sports for 2 years at the IRSS in Rennes. I obtained my BP JEPS AF diploma (fitness activities) option A and B in July 2018. During this training, in addition to the physical aspect with bodybuilding and physical activity in general, I found myself particular interest in nutrition, which fascinates me today and which for me is inseparable from training. Nutrition is our easiest way to act from within. The body is a whole, and if we want to reach our best version, it is necessary to take an interest in this area.

So I became a sports coach with this desire to help, support and motivate people to achieve their goals. But I don't want to reduce coaching to this simple list. For me to be a sports coach, or coach in general, is to have the chance to be granted the confidence of a person, and to be entrusted with his objectives. My goal is not to do the work for you but to use my past and future mistakes, to save you time, avoid injuries and above all teach you to be independent in sport. Through coaching, I want you to discover or rediscover your potential. The question is not to make you become real athletes ... although, but simply to make you realize that all movements of everyday life or those more sporty are achievable and have an interest in your physical health.

I do not pretend to know everything and I am happy to have a lot to learn! Today, I haven't given up on my training. For me, it is important that a coach trains and is constantly educated in order to be able to continue to learn both intellectually and physically and thus improve his coaching and offer the best to his clients.
I use kettlebells, TRX and elastic bands because they are proven tools and have the advantage of being versatile because they allow each to meet several objectives at the same time.

Here you know everything! If the adventure tempts you I will be delighted to be able to accompany you towards your objectives!

Click on the diplomas to enlarge them.

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BP JEPS AF Cours Collectifs.jpg
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